Touristic places
It is the capital of Umbria and a tourist destination very unconventional but of great beauty. This city has a small but charming historical centre. Walking around its medieval streets you can admire the splendour of its ancient buildings and its abundant churches, such as San Pedro, the favourite of visitors. You can not miss the botanical gardens of the university and the Volumni Ipogeo, a sepulchre of the Etruscan period located 5 km from the centre.
Birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi, this small town represents the hospitality and kindness of the Italians. In this place, you can find several natural, historical and gastronomic attractions. You can not miss the Basilica of San Francisco. Composed of two overlapped churches and a crypt where the remains of the Saint lay. Inside the basilica you will find an ensemble of art works that give a unique character to the composition.